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Harvest Mentorship: Equipping Disciples for Kingdom Harvest

July 05, 20234 min read

"Then he said to his disciples, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.'" - Matthew 9:37


Are you passionate about spreading the Word of God and impacting lives for His glory? At Harvest of God, we believe that every believer has a unique role to play in the great harvest of souls. That's why we have developed the Harvest Mentorship program – a transformative journey designed to equip disciples and empower them to fulfill their calling in the Kingdom of God. In this blog post, we will explore the Harvest Mentorship program and how it can empower you to make a lasting impact in the world.

7 secrets for hosting a feast of God

With that said, here are 7 secrets of the Harvest Mentorship 👊

1. What is the Harvest Mentorship Program?

The Harvest Mentorship Program is a comprehensive training initiative offered by Harvest of God ministry. It is designed to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and spiritual guidance to become effective ambassadors for Christ. The program encompasses both practical and spiritual aspects, equipping participants to serve in various capacities within the ministry and beyond.

2. Certificate of Graduation:

After three months of active participation in the Weekly Interactive Mentorship Program, participants have the opportunity to undergo a test. Successful completion of the test grants them the prestigious Certificate of Graduation. This certificate not only represents their commitment to growth and discipleship but also serves as a pathway to employment within Harvest of God ministry.

3. Serving at Harvest of God:

Upon receiving the Certificate of Graduation, individuals can choose to serve in two main areas within Harvest of God – the sales team or the necessity team.

  1. Sales Team: The sales team plays a vital role in raising funds for Harvest of God operations. As a member of the sales team, you will utilize social media platforms to spread awareness about the ministry and invite fellow believers to support the cause. This job is not just about fundraising; it is an opportunity to spread the Word of God and be a catalyst for spiritual transformation.

  2. Necessity Team: The necessity team comprises various roles that cater to specific needs within the ministry. Whether you have expertise in video editing, chatbot marketing, social media advertising, sales, or other areas, the necessity team offers a platform for you to utilize your skills for the glory of God. These roles are vital in supporting the ministry's mission and expanding its reach.

4. Starting a Harvest Ministry:

After serving for six months at Harvest of God, individuals who have demonstrated dedication and growth can embark on the path of starting their own Harvest Ministry. Through comprehensive training and mentorship, you will learn how to build a ministry from scratch, lead a team of dedicated disciples, and make a significant impact in your community and beyond. The vision is to replicate the success of Harvest of God ministry in different parts of the world, multiplying the reach of the Gospel and transforming lives.

6. Join the Harvest Mentorship Program:

Are you ready to step into your calling and make a difference for the Kingdom of God? Join the Harvest Mentorship Program today and embark on a life-transforming journey. Through this program, you will receive daily interactive training materials via WhatsApp, gain access to high-quality training resources, and receive mentorship from experienced leaders in the ministry.

The mentors of the Weekly Interactive Mentorship Program are:

  1. Kevin Zadai

  2. Kathryn Krick

  3. John Anosike

  4. El Shaddai Ministries

  5. Alexander Once

  6. Johannes Leijona

To join the Harvest Mentorship Program, simply use our websites to apply to the program and become part of a vibrant community of believers who are passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission.

8. Conclusion:

The Harvest Mentorship Program is a remarkable opportunity for believers to grow in their faith, develop valuable skills, and actively participate in the great harvest of souls. As you engage in this transformative journey, you will be equipped to serve within Harvest of God ministry, start your own ministry, and become a catalyst for spreading the Word of God. Embrace this calling, and let us work together to bring about a harvest that glorifies the name of Jesus Christ.

Joining the Harvest Mentorship Checklist:

This is how you can join the mentorship program.

  • Pray to God if it's His will for you to join the program.

  • Learn more about the program here.

  • Fill out the application form.

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