One Body Is Enough To Change A Nation

Harvest of God is a non-denominational global organization that exists to get everyone to know the Word of God before Jesus returns.

Become a Harvester Of God to Fill Your City with the Knowledge of the Glory of the Lord

I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. John 14:12

We Make Sharing the Word of God Easy and Fun for Everyone

Our goal is to get everyone to know the Word of God and we aim to do so by making sharing the Word of God as easy and fun as possible so that everyone can do it!

  • Learn to tell your testimony of God's love.

  • Start using social media for God's glory instead of allowing it to paralyze you.

  • Receive daily teachings from Harvest Mentors like John Anosike, Kathryn Krick, Reinhard Bonnke, and Kathryn Kuhlman.

Harvest Mentorship Program

Discover your divine purpose and embrace your perfect fit in God's grand plan.

Become part of our family to unlock your purpose and transform into the person you were destined to be.


Become A Disciple

Join our mentorship program to be trained and equipped by our mentors.


Be Rewarded

Receive salary for serving God instead of men.


Host A Feast

Host feasts for the homeless, sick, and lost people in your city.

Harvest Of God Family In Numbers

Goal is to get everyone to know the Word of God.




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Funds Raised

Harvest Jobs

Embrace the call to serve God wholeheartedly – explore our Harvest Jobs program, dedicated to hiring individuals committed to serving God with unwavering dedication of heart, soul, and mind.

Join the Harvest Jobs program and seize the chance to serve anytime, anywhere with just your laptop. Let's make an impactful difference together.

Not Done Until Everyone Knows The Word of God

📽️ Experience the Vision: Join Alexander from Harvest of God as he shares the very heart of our mission. Discover our purpose, witness the lives we impact, and unveil our ambitious goals for the next 7 years. Click now to watch and be inspired. 🌱

We Are Not Done Until

Everyone Knows The Word of God

Read these blog posts to learn more about Harvest of God and its activities.

Hosting Feasts
For The Homeless, Sick, And Lost

We focus on helping the homeless, sick, and lost people by hosting feasts where we give them free food, bibles, and clothes.

Harvest Mentorship

Kevin Zadai, John Anosike, and Kathryn Krick are one of the mentors of our Harvest Mentorship program that exists on training and equipping disciples for Christ.

Our Goals
For The next 7-Years

Our only goal is to get everyone to know the Word of God, but this is only possible when the body of Christ is united...


Nothing is impossible when we believe that nothing is impossible for our God.

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